Therapy changes

Namine’s therapy hours have been reduced, but this time it’s not a bad thing.

Usually when physical therapy reduces Namine’s hours, it’s a problem — most likely with insurance. What usually follows is us on the phone, fighting with people who want more money and people who don’t want to pay (therapy clinics and insurance agents, respectfully). This time, what followed was a bike ride. More than one, actually.

We’ve been having Namine do more therapy-related exercises at home, especially since having received therapy benches. Her therapist also gave us a print-out with a list of strengthening exercises. Namine and I also go out as often as we can for a bike ride. She’s getting pretty fast, as evidenced by the below video.

Namine’s increased strength has helped her out in physical therapy, so much so that her therapist has declared that — as long as we keep up the at-home regimen — she only needs to be seen in-clinic once a month.

Of course, going for a bike ride is going to be a little difficult once the Wisconsin snow starts to arrive. For that, we have some stationary accessories which Emery’s gave us when we picked up the bike.

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