Riding her bike

We broke out Namine’s bike today to see if she could use a little more easily. I think it went well.

With the onset of warmer weather, Namine has been pretty excited about riding her bike again. I had promised her that sometime soon, we would get her bike out of the garage and let her take it for a spin. This morning seemed like the perfect time.

According to Namine’s physical therapist, it’s not her arms that need work so much as it is her legs. Arm strength we know she’s got; but she can’t support her full weight on her legs, so she need practice. Not just in therapy, but at home too. So I got the walker out of the car, and had her walk to the garage.

Namine didn’t walk all the way to our garage — it’s a long way, after all. Even so, it’s just as far, if not farther, than she’s walked outside at therapy. Still, she worked hard, and her reward was getting to ride her bike. She was pretty excited.

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