Namine’s new bike

We picked up Namine’s new hand-pedal bike!

We got the call from Emerys that Namine’s new bike was ready for pickup, so we headed out there to get it. Before we loaded it into the car, Namine gave it a spin one more time to make sure everything was to her liking.

The engineers at Emerys did such an amazing job on this bike! And so much is custom — the chain guard, the elongated seat (to accommodate Namine’s left knee which doesn’t bend), and the extensible (both horizontally and vertically) seat. The entire bike is built so that Namine will be able to use it for years to come, allowing it to grow with her.

I knew it was a large — mostly long — bike, so even though we now have a van, I still wanted to make as much room as possible. For that reason, I took out one of the middle rear seats. Good thing, too.

Along with the bike itself, Emerys also gave us equipment that will allow Namine to ride her bike inside the apartment — a stationary stand for the front wheel and riser blocks for the rear wheels, holding it in place as she pedals.

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