Virtual Al’s Run

I’m pleased to announce that Team Namine is returning for this year’s Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk!

Under normal circumstances, Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk would be held in Milwaukee on a Saturday in the middle of September. Because of COVID-19, this year the run and walk is a virtual event. Rather than being on a single day, it’s now nearly a month and a half long. There’s no pressure to complete the run or walk in a set amount of time; instead, participants are encouraged to take all the time they like.

A longer event

The virtual family fun run is set to span from August 1 to September 12, the latter being the Saturday that would normally be the date of the run, were circumstances a little more normal — if ever there were such a thing.

A reduced price

Because the event is a virtual one, with individuals participating at their own pace, the price of registration is reduced this year. Everyone can participate for $10 each, with the exception being Children’s Champions — any current or past patient at CHW — whose admission is and always will be free.

A celebration of life

Every year, we gather our friends and family to form Team Namine, in support of all Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has done for our daughter. She has endured a lifetime of surgeries and other procedures, and would not have celebrated her twelfth birthday if not for the hard work of doctors, nurses, and countless other staff. We would be honored for you to join us in our celebration of Namine’s life, and the lives of all the children made better by the immeasurably hard work and dedication of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

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