Join us for Al’s Run

We’ve brought back Team Namine for another year with Al’s Run!

We’re a little late in doing so, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve created Team Namine once again for Al’s Run. For the uninitiated, the Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk is a Milwaukee-based fundraiser sponsored by Briggs & Stratton and the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (and many others). The goal is to raise funds for programs and services used to benefit children.

We’ve been involved with Al’s Run since 2014 because we wanted to give something back to Children’s Hospital, since they’ve done so much for Namine. Literally, she would not be alive today, if not for the lifesaving efforts of the doctors, nurses, and other staff.

Our most recent participation in Al’s Run was virtual, but this year we’re going back to doing the event in person. If you want to join us in doing so, you’re more than welcome (and we’d love to have you)! The option to participate virtually is still available, however, if you want to do that instead.

If you do want to join us, the date of the event is Saturday, September 17, 2022. You don’t have to be a runner — the three of us will be walking. (In years past, I’ve run, but I’m still recovering from hurting my back.) If you can’t participate but still want to contribute, you can also donate to CHW without registering for the run and walk. There are options, and every bit helps!

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