Support Children’s Hospital in Al’s Run

Jessica and I have started a team for Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk.

I’m no runner — my dad could tell you that — but we do enjoy going for walks, and this is for a worthwhile cause. Even if you don’t join our team in the run or walk, I’d encourage you to participate just the same. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin saves the lives and improves the health of countless children, and we are proud to support them in their mission.

From emergencies…

Children’s Hospital doctors and staff have been there for us ever since we discovered that Namine would be born with a spinal defect. In those early days, it was assumed that she had spina bifida. Modern technology allowed them to learn that she had something rarer: caudal regression. In the following weeks, we learned of other defects, one after another. As hard as the news was to bear, without that knowledge Namine would have died. Make no mistake, Children’s Hospital staff saved her life.

…to routine

Children’s Hospital isn’t just about critical care; checkups and appointments are just as important. We are also grateful for the CHW clinic — much closer to home than the hospital is — in which her pediatrician’s office is located. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has done so much for us; even as little as it is, joining in the walk is a way for us to give something back.

Join me, won’t you?