It would seem that Namine is pretty much settled back into the rhythm of physical therapy. Even though she only has it once a week — down from before the prior authorization expired, when she had it twice a week — she’s proving to be building strength and enthusiasm.

She walked for 33 minutes in yesterday’s session, with only a couple breaks. It’s worth noting that these breaks could hardly be considered breaks at all; she sat in her walker’s strap seat for a moment to adjust her grip, and she stood up again, ready to go.


You may recall the compilation video I posted from last weekend. Namine’s therapist was interested in the walking more than anything, so I uploaded the longest clip — where Namine walked from my parents’ garage door to her wheelchair, which was sitting about halfway down the driveway. And it’s a long driveway. Lesley was impressed.

Lesley believes that Namine is ready to try something harder. Namine has already walked half the length of a driveway, so in next week’s session, Lesley is going to have her walk from the building across the parking lot to the car. A little less than a year ago, Namine was able to get from her wheelchair into her carseat. Now that she’s recovered and gained in strength, it’s time to push her limits again.


  1. Im glad to hear your daughter is getting pt again my son goes once a week also. And has swim therapy every other week. We have 2 more months to wait to hear from insurance to see if he gets his gait trainer walker.

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