Al’s Run t-shirt unboxing

We’ve received our team’s shirts for Al’s Run!

These types of things are typically called “unboxing,” but we didn’t receive a box. It’s a big plastic bag. Nevertheless, it says “Briggs and Al’s Run & Walk, Team Namine,” so let’s get right to it!

Namine very excitedly opened the package to inspect the shirts. The participants’ shirts are white, while the runners’ shirts are green. No matter the color, they all sport the custom design Namine and I came up with last month.

Namine, being a Children’s Champion — since she’s received care at Children’s Hospital — gets a special shirt. Hers is blue, with the very true statement:

We are the kids you stride for.

It’s still disappointing that we won’t get to run with our friends and family, but when you break it down, that’s really not the point. The event is fun, but the true purpose is to raise awareness and money for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Namine is still receiving care, after all, and she’s far from the only one.

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