Namine had to think outside the box, so to speak, to complete a home science experiment.

Namine has an electronics kit called Snap Circuits Jr. Its purpose it to teach all about wiring, circuits, and the flow of electricity. She received it as a hand-me-down of sorts from… someone. I don’t remember who. At any rate, she loves it and has become enamored with completing as many of the 101 experiments in the instruction manual as possible.

I say “as many as possible” because, since it is a hand-me-down, some of the circuit pieces are missing. Case in point: Namine was working on completing a few of the experiments today and she came across one where she did not have all the pieces required: a hard two-section node that would complete an electrical circuit.

But rather than move on to the next experiment, she made a logical assumption: she didn’t have a hard node to complete the circuit, but she did have a wire that would accomplish the same purpose. So she made the connection using the wire and completed the experiment — just not in the way the directions instructed.

Just a warning: in the middle of the following video, my phone got a notification that dings kind of loud. Sorry.