Cover2 1.2.2

The latest version of Cover2 was mostly a bug fix release, but it also revamped the bundled icons.

Bug fixes

There were a couple of bugs fixed in this version. One, which I noticed, was that the close button was not clickable on posts with a featured video. (This isn’t supported in core, but the functionality can be added with the Featured Video Plus plugin.) It turned out to be a z-index issue, and it was easily resolved.

The other bug was that the posts navigation would get squished together on small screens. I took the opportunity to rework how all the posts navigation buttons appear, including when the Jetpack plugin’s Infinite Scroll module is active.

Updated icons

Since version 1.0.15, all of Cover2’s icons have been converted from Font Awesome to Nucleo. I was using the 48x48px icons, even though most of the icons were only being used at about a 24x24px size.

One of Nucleo’s features, which I have wanted to try for a while, is a two-tone icon. For example:

Cover2 already has a feature where you can define an accent color in the Customizer. The default is blue, but you can change it to whatever you want. Well, almost any color. There is a restriction on the saturation and lightness, because it must be visible on white. (The navbar, by contrast, can be literally any color.)

Since the accent color is already applied to things like links and buttons, it was a simple enough matter to partially apply it to the bundled SVG icons too. (This is one of the benefits of SVG icons over icon fonts: you can apply a color to just a part of the image.)

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