Cover2 is officially live!

Now available on, after 4 months in the review queue.

I’m happy to announce that the rewrite of my Cover theme, which is very originally named Cover2, is finally accepted to the theme directory. Check it out!

Cover2 on the “Latest” tab

I first started working on Cover2 as a direct upgrade to Cover, inspired first by Chris Coyier’s article comparing SVG icons to icon fonts. Shortly before, I’d built a WordPress theme for my sister using SVG icons instead of Font Awesome, which I’d included in Cover from the very start. I liked it so much that I had to have it for my own theme, too.

As I worked on it, I realized there were things I wanted to do over — or undo completely — so Cover 2.0 became more of its own thing. I didn’t want to force current Cover users to change, so what started life as ReCover was born. When I initially submitted it, I discovered that the theme name “Recover” was already taken. “Cover2” was not, so I grudgingly updated the name.

In the time since I first submitted Cover2 to the theme directory, it’s gone through quite a few bug fixes and several feature additions. Some highlights include:

Like the first version, Cover2 is completely open source and available on GitHub. I welcome critiques, encouragements, criticisms, bug reports, and all around general opinions.

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