We’re a little late, but we got the tree up!

When I brought in the tree and all the decorations, Namine asked me if she could help assemble the tree. I said I’d love some help. (And yes, we have a fake tree. There are too many allergies in this household to have a real tree!)

In her new wheelchair, Namine was almost — but not quite — tall enough to put the second tier of the tree up. Next year, I have no doubt, she’ll be tall enough for sure.

Namine was, however, able to sit in her wheelchair and reach most of the tree. This is a huge step up from last year, when she sat on her stool on the floor. The wheelchair is tall enough, and Namine’s arms are long enough, that she didn’t crash into the tree. The places she couldn’t reach, like the very top or around the back (because the tree is visible from outside the window, after all), I took care of.

When we were done decorating the tree, it was time to put on the angel. Last year, she couldn’t reach the top of the tree while sitting on my shoulder. Another proof of her growth is the fact that this year, she can and did.


This picture is a little dark, but Namine is sitting on my shoulder, putting up the angel.

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