This morning we saw a movie, courtesy of Variety Club. Then in the afternoon, we saw my sister perform in Beauty and the Beast.

The Star

The movie being shown at the Variety event was The Star, an animated movie about some animals who help Mary and Joseph leading up to the time of baby Jesus’ birth. Prior to the movie, kids could visit with Santa. Nothing like mixed messages, right?

All jokes aside, the movie was very sweet and Namine enjoyed herself very much. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to attend a Variety event, and it was nice to see some of our friends and acquaintances again.

Beauty and the Beast

My sister played Babette (the duster) in the Sunset Playhouse’s performance of the Broadway version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Namine got a chance to see her Aunt Lydia in costume after the show, and she even had her picture taken with Belle, Lumière, and Cogsworth.

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