Christmas party and a movie

Namine attended the Variety Club’s Christmas party!

Every December, Variety has a Christmas party. They have activity sheets for coloring, word searches, and other fun stuff, and Santa and Mrs. Claus come as well. After that, the kids watch a movie. (This time, we were watching Arctic Dogs.) We arrived a little early — Santa hadn’t arrived yet — so Namine started on some coloring sheets.

Namine continued coloring for a while even after Santa arrived, since she still had about a half hour before the movie started. As she was still coloring, Santa came over to talk with her.

He explained that the child currently having their picture taken only wanted them with Mrs. Claus. Namine thanked him for coming over to say hi to her, and explained that she would be over shortly — just as soon as she was done coloring. She showed him what she had finished so far.

After Namine was done with her activity sheets, she wheeled (and I followed) over to get in line for pictures with Santa.

After pictures, Namine told Santa what she wanted for Christmas.

Having had her pictures (and her say) with Santa, Namine went back over to the activities table and colored some more. When it was time for the movie to start, we grabbed some popcorn and headed into the auditorium.

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