Haircut and coloring

In addition to a much-needed haircut, Namine got her first permanent hair color.

Namine was long overdue for a haircut. We had meant to have her hair done before Christmas. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but better late than not at all. That being said, even I didn’t realize just how long Namine’s hair had gotten.

The hair stylist asked Namine if this was merely a trim for the sake of her ends. Namine has grown her hair long enough to donate before, but she’s done with that for the foreseeable future. The curls and tangles, in her opinion, are not worth the hassle.

Haircuts Namine has had before; the next part, she hadn’t. She has been asking to have her hair colored for quite some time, and not the temporary stuff, either. Since both Jessica and myself were (and are) big fans of hair coloring — both natural and artificial — we had no problem saying yes. As for her preference, Namine picked blue.

Unfortunately, the coloring didn’t show up so well against Namine’s dark hair. Next time, the stylist said, it would have to be bleached first so the color would be nice and vibrant.

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