Today is Giving Tuesday, and I’d like you to consider donating to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Namine was born a month early with severe complications. Before she was big enough to withstand her first heart surgery, she was kept in the NICU — the neonatal intensive care unit. My wife had medical complications of her own, and so was unable to visit her for some time. My time was spent between visiting my wife and daughter, each in a different part of the hospital. (Technically, they’re two different hospitals, connected via underground hallways.)

We only live a half hour away from the hospital, so we were able to visit and stay with our daughter during her stay. Many families are not so fortunate in that regard; many come to CHW from much farther away, and due to the distance, cannot stay with their children while they’re being cared for. And even families like us, who live much closer, cannot stay at the hospital all the time.

To that end, CHW is raising money for NICU webcams. They’re purposed specifically for use in the hospital, and will allow families to see and interact with their children, even if they cannot be there in person.

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