We just received an update on Namine’s foot surgery, and it’s not good.

The vessel in the top of her left foot was cut during the removal of the talus bone, and she’s lost circulation to the top of her foot. (She still has circulation to the bottom of her foot.) The vascular team has been called in to try to fix it. I will post more when we have news.

Obviously, they’re not going to get to Namine’s right foot today. She’s already been under for more than three hours, so that will have to happen a different day. Whether it will be this same hospital stay or not, we can’t say at this point. It seems fairly evident to us that Namine will be staying more than one night; I’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing later.

To further clarify (as I just got off the phone with the operating doctor), Namine’s left foot is not in danger. Despite the fact that one of two vessels is cut, her foot is still receiving enough oxygenated blood as to not be in peril. A small bit of good news, I suppose, but good news nonetheless.

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