A couple things might interfere with Namine’s scheduled surgery tomorrow, and for once, neither of them is sickness. Namine has remained pretty healthy – not even a cough or a sniffle – but complications at the hospital might make for a rescheduling or two.

Complication number one is the fact that the operating doctor is out of town. She may or may not make it back by tomorrow, but we’ve danced this dance before. But there is, or was, a contingency plan in place. Another doctor was willing to step in, in case of the first doctor’s absence. But our special needs doctor, always looking out for Namine’s well-being, raised a good point. He said that he’d prefer a doctor who is familiar with Namine and her physiology, rather than bringing in someone new. We agree.

The second potential problem is the hospital itself. For whatever reason, the PICU (pediatric ICU) is completely full. After surgery, Namine would need to go to the PICU for a day or two, due to the invasive nature of the surgery she will be having. So even if Dr. Arca does return up by tomorrow, if the PICU is still full, we’ll have to reschedule anyway.

There is a dichotomy in how we feel towards surgery; it’s a strange feeling, both looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. We recognize that every surgery is necessary (with the possible exception of the club foot repair, but I’ll spare you that debate), and so we look forward to getting Namine one surgery closer to being free of what I call her “cyborg parts.” (Of course, the hernia repair will put some artificial material in, unlike the g-tube removal. But it won’t be anything that could accidentally just pop out.) But we dread the hospital stay, the misery, the pain, the haze-inducing medicine for the pain that doesn’t really work too well. So we do our best to look past the immediate and toward the time when Namine will be home again, free of the g-tube and well on her way to healing.

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