• Cyst removal recovery

    Cyst removal recovery

    Namine was discharged from the hospital, and much sooner than expected.

  • Cyst removal

    Cyst removal

    Namine’s cyst removal was successful, but she did not have either hernia removed.

  • Surgery preparedness

    Surgery preparedness

    We met virtually with the doctor organizing Namine’s upcoming three-part surgery.

  • Planning the hernia repairs

    Planning the hernia repairs

    Namine has two hernias to be repaired, and an ovarian cyst to be removed. We have a plan to address these, but there are complications.

  • Therapy and school

    This morning a physical therapist came to the apartment to evaluate Namine. But this was no ordinary PT – if there is such a thing – this was a PT from the school district. She was there to examine Namine in order to determine what kind of therapy she might need when she starts attending…

  • Polish Fest tomorrow

    Tomorrow Jessica and I are going to be helping out our friend and neighbor Leah with the kids’ area at Polish Fest, down at the Summerfest grounds. We’ll be helping to set up the games and prizes, and assisting with running the games, crafts, and activities. This will be our second year helping out, and…

  • Feeling the pain

    In following with the doctor’s permission to let Namine scoot around, scoot she did. And scoot, and scoot, and scoot. By bedtime, she was cranky – not so much because it was bedtime, I think, but because she was in pain. She is still in recovery, after all, and she still needs to take it…

  • Home once again

    I don’t imagine any of you who read Namine’s blog care for my tendency for long-windedness, so I’ll keep it short. Namine was allowed to come home on Saturday, which was a wonderful surprise. She still has needs medication for the pain, but she’s being quite a little trooper. She’s not allowed to move around…

  • Tummy surgery: complete

    If I had subtitles, it would probably be “The miracle that no doctor could have foreseen.” But I’ll get to that.

  • Tummy surgery: mid-point

    The nurse in the OR just called in to the waiting room to inform us that they finished the g-tube removal and fistula closure. She didn’t say exactly how it went, but we remain optimistic because it only took them about an hour and a half. And they got the IV in on the first…

  • Tummy surgery: pre-op

    Namine has just been taken back into the operating room, so Jessica and I, along with Chyral and her boyfriend, have deposited ourselves into the waiting room. We expect to see more family before the day is out. (I was going to say “morning,” but it’s noon now.) We are told to expect about a…

  • Cancelled?

    A couple things might interfere with Namine’s scheduled surgery tomorrow, and for once, neither of them is sickness. Namine has remained pretty healthy – not even a cough or a sniffle – but complications at the hospital might make for a rescheduling or two.