The occasional poop-bomb

It’s the kind of thing that, as a parent, you know in the back of your mind will eventually happen to you – but you still hope it never will.

Of course Namine is more prone to, um, “blowouts” (picture me doing fingerquotes), because of her hernia and the intestinal blockages it causes. Then, without warning, the floodgates (poopgates?) open and everything comes out at once. (Hey, this is the unglamourous side of parenting, bud. You’re welcome to skip this post if bathroom talk makes you uneasy.)

I checked on Namine this morning, like I do every morning, before I left. She was sleeping soundly (but facing the opposite way that I had laid her down the night before), not a care in the world. Maybe – I hope, oh do I hope – even without pain. Not that she’s ever let a thing like pain keep her from sleep before.

A little later, though, maybe around 9:00, Jessica was brought forth into the world from dreamland by a persistent holler: “Mama! Mama! Maaammaaa!! MAAAAAA MAAAAAA!!!” When she got into Namine’s room, she was greeted by a horrific sight. Poop. Everywhere. On Namine’s legs, on her hands, up her torso. Thankfully, she didn’t have anything in her hair or on her face. (Jessica has treated me to horror stories of kids, while she was still working at a childcare, eating their own poop. Thankfully, Namine has more sense than that.)

Jessica cleaned up Namine, but she was kind enough to leave the bedding and stuffed animals to me. Convenient, since I was at work. So I came home during my lunch hour and threw everything into the wash. It was nice to be able to throw everything into one load, only possible because our washer recently broke and was replaced by a larger, better, high efficiency washer. Funny how these things work out sometimes. All the stuffed animals got thrown in, too. Among the casualties were Curious George (see what you get for being curious? now he’s scarred for life!) and Winnie the Pooh (now rechristened Winnie the Poo).

After throwing all the laundry in the washer, my next task was to bathe the little pooper herself. Jessica had wiped her down, but she still smelled of poo. So I gave her a quick bath (good thing she loves baths!) and before you know it, she was once again so fresh and so clean, clean.

After I had Namine dried off and dressed once again (no, not in the same clothes – yuck!) I had to head off back to work. I’d only been home a half hour! Oy. I’ve just got to make sure I get Namine’s Tinkerbell sheets and comforter dry by bedtime.

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