Namine’s leg is still broken, but it’s healing nicely.

We found out that Namine broke her leg last month. We went back for another round of X-rays, and then we sat down with her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Black. He explained that her leg was definitely healing, but there was still a slight fracture.

On closer inspection, Namine’s surgeon pointed out to us that her leg was broken in two places. The point at which the doctor identified a possible compression fracture last time — he said it could also have been a bruise or sprain, but opted to err on the side of caution — was just above her knee.

Now that the swelling has gone down, though, he identified a hairline fracture in the middle of her femur as well. This second break is barely visible, and though the doctor is allowing Namine to climb and stand again, walking is still off limits.

We will be returning for another follow-up next month, at which point Dr. Black hopes Namine’s leg will be completely healed.

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