Last week Namine had a cardiology appointment. It was just a routine check up.

One of the things that we have been tossing back and forth since about six months after her Fontan was to take her off the diuretic Spironolactone. She is on this medicine because after the Fontan, fluid can build up in the lungs. To prevent this, they put children on a high dose to start then wean them down. Namine had been on this medicine for two years and they just kept saying, “We’ll see.”

So on Monday, I asked if we can finally take Namine off of the diuretic. The doctor was a little hesitant, only because this is his second time seeing Namine. He didn’t know how she would react to not being on it. But seeing as it had been two years, he hesitantly agreed.

There are a few concerns that we have to make sure don’t happen, or if they do happen, then we need to bring her in. The few things to watch for are water in her lungs, or pneumonia, diarrhea, and sluggish behavior.

It is great to be one more medication down. As Namine gets older, she gets to take less and less meds. It is quite an exciting time.

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  1. What a milestone for your family and Namine, Thanks for sharing this exciting development on’s Tuesday special needs link up.

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