My aunt came down for a cookout, and she brought some tee-ball supplies — a bat, a tee, and a bag of whiffle balls. Namine is starting baseball this Tuesday, and we thought it was a good idea to introduce her to the basics.

Namine found it easier to swing the bat single-handedly to hit the ball. She certainly got it a lot farther up the hill in our back yard.

As CR and Jessica started on dinner — pork chops, potatoes, and cauliflower — I started putting together Namine’s basketball set. It said ages 2-6 on the box, but they don’t take wheelchairs into account when they print those things.

Namine had used a similar basketball hoop for shooting practice at basketball camp, so she was nothing but excited to start using this one.

The ball was much softer — just a squishy rubber thing — so when she was done shooting baskets, we were able to play catch at a greater distance without her worrying about the ball hurting her.

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