Pepper jack omelette

I made a pepper jack cheese omelette this morning, and it was glorious.

I was just going to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Namine asked for a fried egg and toast, and after I made that for her, I was really craving an egg too. My favorite kind of cooked egg is an omelette. Not only are they tasty, I enjoy cooking them, probably more than I enjoy cooking anything else. Even if you ruin the way an omelette looks, it’ll still taste delicious. So I opened the fridge to look for some cheese.

There were various kinds of shredded cheeses, but what caught my eye was the pepper jack cheese sticks. They’re wonderful for a snack, but it occurred to me that I’ve never had any in an omelette.

One sliced pepper jack cheese stick.

After I cut up the cheese, I made a simple one-egg omelette. I’ve never measured the milk that I mix with the egg; I guess “one splash” of milk per egg has always sufficed. As with so much else in life, we do as we learn; I’ve learned my cooking from Jessica, who measures with vague descriptions herself.

Our stove sometimes runs hot, sometimes not so much. Keeping it at medium heat each time still seems to lend itself to different cooking times, so I just have to kind of guess when to flip the egg.

Flipping the omelette often poses problems for me, but this time I did all right.

After flipping the omelette, it was time to lovingly apply my sliced cheese to one half of the egg.

I love pepper jack cheese.

Then there was the simple matter of folding the egg over, and letting both sides cook a bit longer. I like a little bit of browned crispiness to my omelettes’ outsides.

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