Paul’s mushroom mistake

I accidentally dropped an egg on an open container of mushrooms. Then things got interesting.

I have a fun story for you.

Last night, Jessica asked me to fry her a couple eggs. Not wanting to haul the entire egg carton out of the fridge, I tried to open it partway. The first egg slipped out of my hand, and dropped right on top of a carton of mushrooms. (This is what I get for being lazy.) So after making Jessica’s eggs the way she wanted them, I had to do something with all those eggy mushrooms.

I present to you:

Paul’s Mushroom Mistake

– 2 large eggs
– A lot of mushrooms
– Frozen shredded hash browns, not the patties (approximately 2 or 3 large handfuls)
– Butterfingers (the ineptitude kind, not the candy bar)

  1. Chop up the mushrooms. I started by merely slicing them, mostly because that’s how I make an omelette. But I had way too much mushroom for a normal-sized omelette, and I had no desire to make one with four eggs. Toss those suckers on the stove. Fry ’em up however you like — olive oil, bacon grease, whatevs.

  2. Toss a bunch of shredded hash browns on top of the mushrooms. I didn’t measure anything, I just grabbed a few handfuls.

  3. Throw a couple eggs on top of the hash browns.

  4. Turn the eggy mess over on the stove a few times until it’s all cooked through.

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