Basketball camp, week 2

Jessica and I were helping her sister move this weekend, so my aunt took Namine to basketball camp.

Last week, the gym was still being worked on, resulting in camp being held outside. But now that the work on the gym is done, everyone was inside.

As much as Namine loves being outside, she burns easily — even with as much as we’d coated her with sunscreen, she still got sunburn last week — so we were glad that this week’s session was inside.

Namine got her own wheelchair this week. (And purple! This is important.) It had a lower back, which meant she could reach farther back in order to make larger arm movements.

Namine got bonked in the face again with the ball a few times, but there was no lasting damage. Even as easily as she bruises, we couldn’t really tell she’d gotten hit. She certainly never complained about it.

After basketball camp was over, on the way to get some lunch, Namine complained of having difficulty breathing. My aunt called us, and we all met at the emergency room at Children’s Hospital.

Once she’d been admitted, Namine explained to the nurse exactly what she’d told my aunt, Jessica, and myself: nothing hurt, she just seemed to need to take larger breaths than normal.

The nurse recorded Namine’s oxygenation, heart rate, and blood pressure. Her heart rate was up somewhat, but her O2 was at a solid 94 — no danger there.

The doctor listened to Namine’s lungs, and declared that they were clear. She was coming down with a cold — that much we’d known even before basketball camp — and the doctor concluded that it was simply more difficult to breathe with all the mucus and inflammation that accompanies every cold.

Something we might try, if she’s still sniffly by next week’s basketball camp session, is a couple puffs of her inhaler beforehand. It ought to be preemptive enough to ensure against a repeat of this weekend’s little bit of panic.

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  1. Candice Avatar

    Basketball camp looks like it;s so much fun! I hope you little one feels better before next weeks day :)

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