Namine’s wish

We found out not too long ago that Namine qualifies for Make A Wish.

On Sunday we met with two ladies from the foundation to go over paperwork and to discuss what Namine wanted to have or do.

Prior to the meeting, we had received a couple packets. One explained what we (as the responsible adults) needed to do, and the other was a coloring packet to help Namine think of what she wanted for her wish.

When we went to Florida — the three of us and my aunt — we had stayed in the Orlando area. We happened to drive past a sign pointing the way to Disney World, but Namine (ever observant and reading more and more each day) pointed it out and expressed her interest in going. She’s been pretty gung-ho about going ever since.

As exciting as the prospect of going to Disney World would be, we wanted to be sure that was what Namine really wanted. So we had Namine fill out her packet, which asked questions like:

“If you could have anything, what would it be?”
“If you could go anywhere, where would you go?”
“If you could meet anyone, who would you meet?”

Namine’s answers were not focused solely on Disney World. In fact, her “go anywhere” drawing was of the three of us at the beach, swimming in the ocean.

But when Namine got to the “meet anyone” question, her answer was immediately, unhesitatingly “Ariel.” (You know, from The Little Mermaid.) And when she got to the final page, which asked “What is your wish?” Namine answered with the complete assurance of one who knows exactly what she wants.

When we met with the Make A Wish ladies on Sunday, Namine was beyond excited. (She always makes friends so easily.) Unfortunately, the point of the meeting was more for us — Jessica and I — to go through the process of the initial paperwork. They had questions for Namine, too, which she was happy to answer. They also brought some things for Namine, like a princess crown and a stuffed zebra. (The zebra was spotted, not striped. I’m interpreting it as something like Make A Wish makes kids’ fantasies reality, but I could be reading too much into it.)

They also gave Namine a coin that every Make A Wish child receives, a symbolic token of the wish. We thought we’d get a chain to make it into a necklace; Namine agreed that it was a good idea.

Namine is definitely set on going to Disney World, so the first thing we have to do is make sure her doctors give her the go-ahead. We’ve already discussed rides at length with her cardiologist, but I’m sure it’s a topic that will come up again many more times in her life.

We’re still in the early planning stages; we haven’t even set a definite date yet. (Though now that we’ve had the meeting with Make A Wish, we need to fulfill Namine’s wish within a year’s time.) But this is amazing. It just blows me away. This is an incredible opportunity, and I’m glad Namine is old enough that she’ll be able to look back and recall this when she’s grown.

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  1. Jolene Philo Avatar
    Jolene Philo

    Have a wonderful time at Disney World! I can’t wait to read about the trip in future posts. Thanks for adding this one to’s Tuesday special needs link up.

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