Every once in a while, Namine will say something that we don’t understand. Some time ago, one such word was “appawooby.” We could not, for the longest time, figure out what it meant. We eventually figured it out: it meant “that would be.” She was saying an approximation of when we say it quickly, “tha’wou’be.” Since then, every once in a while Jessica or I will use it. Makes perfect sense to us.

Namine came up with another one fairly recently. “Gribble.” One night when I was getting her ready for bed, I gave her a hug and a kiss. She said to me, “No hugs or kisses. Just gribbles.” Confused, I asked what a “gribble” was. She leaned in and blew a raspberry on my cheek.

You may think I’m nuts, talking about raspberries and gribbles. But understand me: what would be a minor mark in the road for a normy child is a big, big deal for us. Remember that she’s tongue-tied, and it took a long time of hard work and therapy for her to extend her tongue enough to even stick it out of her mouth. Believe me, the fact that she can do a raspberry (or gribble, to use her word) at all is indeed a big deal.

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