Next week Monday is the first meeting (of many, I fear) to discuss the clipping of Namine’s frenulum (that webbing underneath the tongue). This meeting is solely between us (Jessica and myself) and Namine’s primary ENT doctor. The Special Needs coordinating nurse is still working on getting a meeting involving every doctor set up.

I believe I’ve written all I can on this subject, with regard to our thoughts and opinions, as well as the possibilities of such a procedure – both good and bad. We hold strongly to the opinion that the risk is not worth the gain, especially since Namine’s ability to communicate is not insufficient now. I can only hope that I will be able to remain calm. I tend to get a little worked up when talking about surgery.

Last night after dinner (and dessert, which was delicious, delicious cake), I sat with Namine as she finished a worksheet so it could be turned in today. It was a picture of beads around a picture frame; Namine colored in the beads and glued in a picture of the three of us.

Tonight, we didn’t make Namine do any schoolwork. It’s the weekend, after all. Instead, she and I played with Play-Doh after watching Cinderella.

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