This afternoon Jessica, Namine, and I will be touring what we hope will be Namine’s new school. We’ll see. Hopefully this time around her teacher(s) won’t partition her off as “Special Needs” without understanding what it is that she truly needs, in terms of education and activity.

The past couple of days, the weather has been very nice. This has afforded Namine and I the opportunity to spend some time outside after I get home from work; two nights ago we went over to the playground and I pushed her on the swings, and last night she and I drew on the back patio with chalk.

I give Namine a bath every night. She has several toys that she likes to play with, as well as a box of foam letters and numbers. The other night, she slipped in the tub a little. She caught herself, looked at me with a startled expression, and said, “I’m okay, Haha, I’m okay.” Then she started to look through her box of letters and numbers. She found what she was looking for: the letter K. She stuck it to her chest and said to me, “I’m a K! I’m a K!”


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