Today is Namine’s first full day back home, having been discharged from the hospital yesterday morning. Today was our Saturday – by that I mean we spent the day cleaning and grocery shopping – but despite how sore and tired she must still be, it was a very good day.

Namine is quite bruised. It happens often enough whenever she has an IV, and after all was said and done, she had one on both wrists and her right foot. The cath entry points are also quite bruised – one on her neck and one on about her right hip. But when I ask her if she has any pain, she says no. I don’t quite believe that – her threshold for pain is quite high, and I know from experience that she only complains about pain that bothers her, not any pain she happens to feel at a given moment.

I was worried yesterday that we might end up going back to the hospital, because when she woke up from her nap, the cath site on her neck was swollen. But the swelling has gone down, there is no redness or pain, and she has no fever.

We had to wait 48 hours before I could give immerse Namine, so we had to wait until tonight to give her a bath. She was quite happy about it – and she had no fear of water getting in her ears – so I let her have a long one. She has therapy tomorrow morning, and that would normally account for getting her in bed fairly early, but I felt that she deserved something special that she loved, even if it was a small something. She sure as hell deserves something nice.

Late in the day, I had to run to the store. I gave Namine the choice of staying home or coming with me. “I wanna come wif you, Haha!” (Instant smiles.) When we were checking out, Namine turned around in the cart and greeted the cashier, “Hi! My name is Namine! This is my good friend, Daddy!” She always melts my heart.

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