Two fun days

When I say “fun,” I actually mean “not fun.” We’ve spent the last couple days in and out of the pediatrician’s and the ER, trying to figure out why Namine is experiencing abdominal pain. Again.

Only fifteen minutes or so after I had posted yesterday (actually two days ago now because it’s so late it’s tomorrow), Jessica called me. Namine was in so much pain that she was screaming. There’s only one thing that puts Namine in that much pain: a urinary tract infection.

So Jessica took Namine in yesterday to see the pediatrician. Her pediatrician wasn’t there, even though she was supposed to be. As a result, Namine saw another doctor. Another doctor who doesn’t follow Namine, who doesn’t know anything about her medical intricacies. But I digress. They took a sample, but it came back negative. An x-ray indicated that she might have just been constipated, so they sent her home.

Today (well, yesterday, since it’s now tomorrow), Namine again complained of pain. She wasn’t crying today, but she did throw up. So we headed to the ER. There was a lot of waiting, but no results.

The doctors never did any tests on Namine in the ER. They insisted that yesterday’s x-ray was enough, and they didn’t want to expose her to the radiation of a CT scan. An ultrasound would have been risk-free, but they felt it was unnecessary. There was a lot of discussion, but no action.

This evening, Namine told me before bed that her stomach still hurt. Not as much, but it still hurt. Hopefully tomorrow proves better and a little more pain-free.

In retrospect, nothing was accomplished in the ER. Literally nothing.

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