At about 3:30 this afternoon, Namine was discharged from the ER. Thankfully, she does not have any broken bones. But in my opinion, we’ll only stay lucky for so long; her right leg is bruised, and we’re not sure how much it hurts her. She may have woken up crying this morning, but she doesn’t complain about pain. Ever. So you’d never know, now, what discomfort she might be in.

Twice in two weeks now, we’ve ended up bringing Namine into the ER for falling out of bed. I’m sure this comes as a surprise to no one, but the doctor recommended that we have her sleep in a crib once again. The funny (or not so funny) thing is, Namine is ready for a big girl bed. She’s never tried to climb out, and she loves the thing. She just rolls around in her sleep like it’s going out of style. I can only imagine how disappointing it’s going to be, being put back into a crib each night.

Let’s face reality, though. As disappointing a turn as this may be, the important things – Namine’s health, her wellbeing and her unbroken bones – are intact. This could have taken a turn for much worse; she could have broken many things, if not for the pillows she landed on: an arm, a leg, a rib. I choose to focus not on the unimportant things, but on what is truly important. We’ve endured much less trivial and more crucial things, like surgery and recovery. Tracheostomy. Jaw distraction. Palate repair. Two heart surgeries. And more! We are past those things; they are gone like so many leaves in the autumn wind. This, too, shall pass.

I have a favorite saying: “If anything is worth having, it is worth waiting for.” Namine will grow; she will, eventually, be ready for her big girl bed. Until such a time, it will wait for her. And we will wait also, because it is a thing worth waiting for.


  1. Would there be some way otherwise to close up the gap in the rail where she keeps falling through? A piece of cloth maybe?

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