Namine fell out of bed again this morning. I try to never make the same mistake twice, however, so she fell onto a lot of pillows, which I’d stacked next to her bed, in case this happened again. She woke up and started crying when she hit the pillows, but she seemed to be just scared, not hurt. I brought her into our bedroom and laid her down between us, and she fell asleep again easily.

Namine slept off and on until about 10:30, but every time she woke up, she started crying. So we’re not sure if she actually did hurt herself. (On the other hand, I wonder if this waking-up-crying is because she’s dreaming about falling out of bed. That would suck, too.) Namine does say that her legs hurt – she points to the right, then the left – but they always seem to hurt (because of her repair surgery and braces). So that may or may not be because of falling out of bed again. We brought her in again to the ER, just to be safe. I’ll let you know the results as we find out.

I’m not quite sure how she fell out of bed, to be honest. There are three guard rails on Namine’s bed: two immobile ones on the ends, leaving an open space, one that we secured to the bed. The only possibility I can think of is that she rolled underneath the middle rail. It doesn’t have bars on it, like the other two do. And you know, for being disabled, Namine sure can move. I could lay her on her back, on her pillow, but within a few minutes of being asleep, she will have turned over onto her stomach, turned her entire body to face the other direction, and burrow underneath her pillow.

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