Things never go the way we think they might. We’ll be fine, everything’s going great, and then BAM — something else comes along.

That “something else,” today, was throwing up. Namine awoke around 5:00 this morning, crying. I’d originally thought she fell out of bed again (her mattress sits on her floor, but even falling from that short height would still be alarming), but as I ran toward her room, I heard her retch. Nope, nothing so simple as falling out of bed.

Namine and Jessica’s plan for today, aside from school, had involved having her feet measured for new braces. She’s far outgrown her current ones, and while her shoes are doing the job so far, they still don’t offer the level of support that a pair of professionally-made ankle-foot orthotics would.

Well, that plan was out the window. Namine proceeded to throw up a couple more times by mid-morning, so we’ve spent the day easing her into keeping something down. A little Pedialyte here, a little chicken broth there. So far she seems to be doing better, and she’s even had some crackers. Jessica and I made some Jell-O (for which there is always room), and she’ll probably have some of that with chicken soup tonight.

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