I’m happy to say that Namine is feeling much better today than she did yesterday.

I am still a bit under the weather, but nothing seems to keep Namine down for long. She woke up a couple times early this morning after some bad dreams, and then joined me and Jessica in our bed — “the big bed,” she calls it.

Last night, Namine ate her entire bowl of soup (noodles, chicken, and all) and two crackers, with no stomach yuckiness. She ate breakfast late this morning, too, with no problems. It looks like whatever stomach bug she had has all but disappeared. (I wish the same could be said for my sinus problems.)

She and Jessica didn’t do any schoolwork yesterday. It was just a day of rest — that, and binge-watching season four of My Little Pony, which we discovered had just been added to Netflix. The day before, our internet kept cutting out when Namine needed to watch her school videos. So of course the internet was working fine yesterday.

We had a delivery of diapers yesterday afternoon. This was surprising because Namine has been potty-trained for quite a while now; she still needs a diaper at night, but that’s all. Besides, we still have three large boxes of diapers in the closet from the last delivery.

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