Bedtime and Sara

Namine won a goldfish over the weekend. She named her Sara.

Sara is Namine’s first pet. Yes, we refer to Bunbun as “Namine’s cat,” but she lives at my mom’s house, if only because she would be the death of Jessica and myself. Namine has allergies too, but perhaps not as severe.

But I digress. Sara is the first pet Namine has any actual responsibility for, even if it is only feeding. Sara’s tank is a small one, and it rests on top of Namine’s bookshelf.

There’s not a lot in Namine’s room that she can’t reach, and for good reason. If Namine is to be independent, then she needs to be able to reach what she needs. She doesn’t have a dresser, and she doesn’t have any hanging clothes in her closet.

I’ve written before about Namine’s bedtime setup; how she has everything she needs to get ready for bed. Two things were missing: a light she can turn on herself (she still relies on us to turn on the bathroom light) and a towel rack.

My aunt had set up something similar outside the guest bedroom at her house, but unfortunately, we can’t drill into our wall. This meant, of course, that we needed to find something standing but still short enough that Namine could use.

Our searching turned up nothing useful — that is, nothing if used in the purpose for which it was made. We found a toilet paper rack that nicely served the purpose of towel rack.

Anyway, back to the fish. Like I mentioned, there’s not a lot of shelf space, so Sara’s little tank rests on her bookshelf. Namine has to feed her every other day, and last night it was time to feed her.

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