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  • Steve, Dadgineer, Beebs....
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    Sorry, so sorry. This is similar to what happened to Ollie. Schools do very little to keep sickness out of schools. “We will send home a child who is sick, it is the rules.” BS, BS, BS. Ollie “went” to school for a year, he was there a few weeks, sick most of the other times.

    The assumption of her intelligence is absolutely maddening. Hopefully her speech can catch up and they will be able to easily see how smart she really is. They (teachers and therapists) have to be spoon fed at times, they cannot realize on their own about how smart a child is. In the past couple weeks, we have heard from O’s teachers and therapists, “Oh, he is so smart, I didn’t realize he could do all that.” No, you assumed he couldn’t. I believe I ranted about this before.

    You two are strong to take this responsibility on and I know in my heart that it is for the better now. Time to do what those teachers couldn’t do and teach that little girl everything she can handle, then shove it down their throats! (In a matter of speaking)

    LilO has her back! I’ve got yours.

  • Iliana
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    I think, under the circumstances, you’ve probably made the best decision you could. Once Namine is fully caught up from her trach- and hospital-related delays, and once she is older (say first or second grade) you could also if she if could be accommodated in “normy” classes. It might not work as well for kindergarten, but once they get really into the “learning” phase of education it’s something that I know could be an option. If she is as smart as you say (and I believe) she is, a decent school would be willing to work with you on that.

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