Yesterday we went over to Jessica’s mom’s apartment to make cookies. And oh, did we make cookies! Namine had a blast.

Namine and I made peanut butter cookies. I rolled ’em around in sugar, and Namine stuck a Hershey’s Kiss in the middle of each one. One again she impressed me with her restraint: not once did I have to discourage her from eating the chocolate. We made three cookie sheets (and not spaced out – these were mostly going into the freezer, so they were pretty tightly packed) full, and Namine put a Kiss in each one. When we were all done, there were three Kisses left. I gave one to Namine, and ate one myself. I handed the last one to Namine, and she handed it back. “This for you, Haha. I love you.” She’s such a sweetie.

Namine always loves going over to both Grandmas’ houses, primarily for the cats. (What, you thought it was for the people? Silly you.) After helping to make cookies, she spent the rest of her time divided between eating said cookies and chasing the cat. The poor skittish thing spent its time running and hiding from the squealing little girl. (But man, that kid can move when she wants to.)

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