Well, Namine ate dinner last night, and kept it down. She seemed to be doing better, if a little crabbier. But I suspect that her stomach and intestines still hurt, and she doesn’t understand why. It’s a major sign that she doesn’t feel well when she doesn’t even want to me to sing to her. She fell asleep with almost no fanfare last night – I just had to reposition her on the Boppy pillow after she fell asleep. Me? I’m just happy we stayed out of the hospital last night.

This winter has just been one sickness after another. First it was the ear infection from pool therapy. That was worsened by the fact that it was fungal, not bacterial, in nature; they thought it was bacterial, so the antibiotics they gave Namine actually made the ear infection worse. After that got cleared up (many ear drops later), Namine came down with the croup (which, I might add, is not the same as whooping cough), so she had an antibiotic for that. When she got over the croup, she was well enough to attend pool therapy again; she promptly got sick (mostly a runny nose) that same afternoon. Really, it makes sense. Namine’s immune system is not the strongest, and the pool is really just one big petri dish.

But in every bad there is good, if you look for it. And we choose to look for it. Through all this, two things come to mind. Number one, the Fontan. Namine’s heart remains strong and able, and it does not yet (not for quite a while, her cardiologist thinks) require the third operation. Number two, through all this sickness, even the respiratory crap like the croup, Namine’s O2 has remained relatively high. True, she usually sats at 88-92, and her average saturation has been around 85-89 as of late, but even that is still quite good. All post-Glen (that second heart surgery) patients can go as low as 75, and Namine is nowhere near that. She has not needed any supplemental oxygen, either.


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