This evening Namine was in more pain than we’ve seen her in a while. As of late, she’s only needed a dose of Motrin at night, and that’s been sufficient to keep the pain under control. But this evening, she was in so much pain, I needed to give her the hard stuff. You know, the pain meds they prescribed for her when she first had the foot surgery.

So I gave her all of her meds a little early tonight and put her to bed. The medication seems to have done the trick; she fell asleep within ten minutes of being in bed. I checked her O2 sats about an hour later and she was at 88, heart rate about 90. Pretty good, considering.

Earlier this evening, however, Namine accomplished something new. She’s been getting out of her high chair, which sits on the floor, by herself for some time now. It proved difficult at first, with the casts, but Namine overcame. And tonight she was able to get into the chair all by herself. She was so proud of herself, yelling “AY!” (yay) and clapping.


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