Comforts of the familiar

Namine is doing slightly better today. She’s still in pain, yes, but she’s showing more of herself, in spite of being groggy from the morphine. She gave kisses today at lunch, and signed “I love you” to me, Jessica, and other family members.


The main problem with becoming a parent is the lack of instruction manual. It’s worse with a child who has special needs – no two children are the same, and even with something more common like autism, one parent’s methods are not going to be the same as another’s. With something much rarer like caudal regression, you can find the medical information you need easily enough – thank you, Internet – but finding other parents who’ve taken care of an afflicted child is not difficult, it’s nigh impossible.

Foot surgery today: post-op

Namine came out of surgery at 3:30, but of course spending time with her is more important. I’m heating up some dinner in the parents’ lounge now, so I should have enough time to give you all an update. So Namine’s foot surgery is done. Unfortunately, Namine’s feet did not tolerate being completely rotated into the correct position, so they are currently about halfway from their old position to the position of a normal foot.