We got a new couch over the weekend. Well, not a new couch. It’s new to us. And orange, if that matters. The poor couch we had before was definitely on its last legs (pardon the pun). We’d bought it before Namine came home the very first time, and for the first several months of having her at home, Jessica and I slept on the couch with Namine in the Pack ‘N Play. Those were scary times: the feeding pump, the trach, the low-O2 alarms. Back then, Namine didn’t keep her sats up too well. Her lower limit has always been 75, but unlike today (where she’ll reliably maintain above 85), she would barely maintain that lower limit. But I digress. The couch took more abuse than it was made for, and it was time for a new one a long time ago.

If I had a cool two grand to blow on a new couch, believe you me, I would. But circumstances being what they are, we’ll definitely take a donation. Anyway, our old couch was huge. It was basically an L shape, and took up half the living room. The “new” one is smaller, a normal three-seater, and we have substantially more space in the living room now.

Yes, I do have a point. It’s my time now, so bear with me.

My aunt made a ramp for Namine a while ago, its purpose to provide Namine a means of getting up to the couch by herself. We didn’t have room for it to stay up, however, with the larger couch. But now that we have a smaller couch (and more space), we can leave it up. And Namine loves going up and down. It gives her great enjoyment that she can join us in sitting on the couch; the fact that she can now do so almost completely independently thrills her to no end.

It’s important to get allow her as much independence as she can manage right now, I think, because next week she’s going under the knife for her club foot repair. Or is it clubfoot repair? Apparently Google suggests that I spell it as one word. Whatever.

Later this week, Namine has a special needs clinic appointment, as well, in order to determine how much she actually needs her g-tube. You know, because GI employs idiots who compare her to normy charts, and then wonder why she weighs so little.


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