I was our understanding that Namine would have her casts replaced – it’s not accurate to call them surgeries anymore – every Monday. This past week, the appointment was at 1:00, so we figured it would be every Monday at 1:00. We also figured that ortho would follow up with us, as they said they would, prior to Friday (today). We should have known better.

Who told her what Band-Aids are for?

Jessica and I were in the other room, preparing our joint Halloween effort for tomorrow. (Don’t worry, I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. You’ve been warned.) Namine was in the living room, playing contentedly. In the corner of the living room, on the lowest shelf on one of the bookshelves, we keep a couple boxes of toys, some coloring books, and a bag of pens, pencils, and crayons. Namine ventured into her corner by herself (dragging those pink casts like so much dead weight, what a trooper) to play, so we left her to her own devices, checking on her periodically. Then she discovered a box of Band-Aids that I must have forgotten on the floor.

Coming down with something

Namine was coughing quite a bit after she woke up, so we took her to the doctor this morning. Two nights ago, she was coughing a bit before she fell into a deeper sleep. Last night, however, she didn’t cough at all. I had hoped that whatever had been giving her the sniffles had passed. Apparently, that is not the case.

My little sweetheart

The other day, I came home from work with a migraine. Namine was playing nicely on the floor, and Jessica was relaxing on the couch. After giving my two loves hugs and kisses, I hung up my jacket and laid down on the floor next to Namine.

Night thoughts

I was reading something earlier – you can see it here – about how parents with special needs children can hold back their kids’ education/development/what-have-you. One of the majors ways this happens is when the parents focus more on the disability than on the child.

Coming home tonight

Namine is being discharged from the hospital this evening. Much has happened since the last post, not the least of which is the foot surgery schedule change.

Foot surgery: two down

I’m going to try to keep this short, because I’m typing this from my phone. Anyway, Namine’s foot surgery is done, and seems to have gone well. I don’t actually know what all was done, because I haven’t had the chance to speak with any ortho docs. Both of Namine’s feet (especially the left) appear to be a little straighter, though.