The other day, I came home from work with a migraine. Namine was playing nicely on the floor, and Jessica was relaxing on the couch. After giving my two loves hugs and kisses, I hung up my jacket and laid down on the floor next to Namine.

“Haha!” (Papa) She said, signing “I love you” to me.
“Hey sweetie. I love you too. I have a headache,” I said, resting my head on one of her soft books. This one was about cats, and somewhere inside it, something squeaked when I laid my head on it. I closed my eyes.
“Eh?” Namine asked. I opened my eyes again. She was pointing to her head.
“Yes, my head hurts.” She leaned over me and kissed my eyes, one after the other. She then wrapped her arms around my head and gave me a hug.

She contented herself with playing next to me, every once in a while saying “Eye!” and poking me in the eye.
“Yes, that’s my eye,” I would say, and she would go back to playing. She’d pat my head some more, kiss me, and then go back to playing.

My headache eventually went away, despite her pokes (“Eye!” Poke.) and because of her kisses and hugs.

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