News from the eye clinic

Namine had an appointment at the eye clinic. We came away with some excellent news.

Namine has had eyeglasses for quite some time now, but she has only needed them for reading. After her most recent eye test, however, her doctor has determined that she no longer needs them.

Namine was diagnosed with hyperopia, or farsightedness. This caused objects close up to become blurry, resulting in her needing glasses to read.

The interesting thing (which I did not know until recently) is that children’s vision can fluctuate. Children’s eyes have been known to correct (to a degree) refractive errors, like near- and farsightedness.

Namine’s eyes have corrected themselves — not so that she has perfect vision, but enough that she no longer needs glasses.

Namine’s vision test also indicated that there is no pressure being put on her eyes or the optic nerve, so her vision is not the source of her headaches. This is good news, and it’s one more thing we can cross off the list of possible causes. However, we still have no idea what is causing Namine’s headaches, so we’ll see what the headache clinic has to say.

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