Namine had an eye exam today, and it went well.

With any genetic disorder, there are complications. There are things you learn as you go, things that become clear as your child grows. One of those things is that children who have Pierre Robin Sequence can suffer from a multitude of complications.

I’ve already written extensively on Namine’s jaw distraction (which she had when she was a year old), palate closure (two years old), and the Omega Loops & palatal lift prosthesis (five years old). I’ve also written on the upcoming procedures that Namine will need in the next few years. These are all the results of the more commonly known jaw-related complications, but there are more.

Children with PRS, more often than children without, need glasses and hearing aids. So far, Namine has remained blessed that she’s suffered no hearing loss. She used to need glasses for reading, but has inexplicably grown out of it. She no longer wears glasses at all, and her eyes are healthy and doing well.

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