Eye checkup

It looks like Namine needs glasses again.

We took Namine to see the optometrist for a routine checkup and came away with the news that she needs glasses. It’s not the first time that’s been the case; however, her situation is different now than it was eight — yes, eight — years ago.

It was actually nine years ago that Namine was diagnosed with hyperopia, commonly known as farsightedness. The following year, her eyes had seemingly corrected themselves, leading the doctor to rescind her prescription for eyeglasses. Namine does still wear glasses, of a sort — they’re blue light blocking, but the lenses are not corrective. They’re simply to mitigate the headaches that can come from spending all day in front of a computer, as happens to one attending virtual school.

Well, all that catches you up to the present. In her most recent appointment, Namine’s eye doctor determined that she once again needs glasses, but due this time to nearsightedness. Now that we have her prescription, the next step for us, then, is to go shopping for frames.

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