Namine goes back into the hospital tomorrow to have her casts redone. These things are never enjoyable. We can only hope that she’ll only be in the hospital for one night.

Part of having a two year old is dealing with blowouts. I’m not talking about tires. I’m talking about poop. Namine has had several over the past couple days, and the right cast has since been bestowed with poo. It’s dry now, but that doesn’t make it smell any better.Consequently, they’re going to give her a new cast. I think we’ll ask for a different color. Orange seems to be Namine’s favorite, but failing that, we’ll try red, in anticipation of Christmas. (It’s kind of nice having the pink, though; the lighter color makes it easy to draw on.)

The real reason Namine will be re-casted, though, is her left foot. Upon the initial casting, it swelled up worse than they expected, so while she was still in the hospital last week, they had to split it. So we’re taking her in tomorrow in order for them to give her a brand-new cast.

But that’s not all. During the original surgery, they were not able to fully rotate either foot into a completely normal position, but they were able to rotate the right foot more than the left. So tomorrow, they’re going to attempt rotating the left foot a little more. Given how much Namine enjoyed foot surgery last week, I expect more pain and crying.

On the plus side, though, Namine seems to have adjusted well to her casts. She’s scooting around the apartment again, albeit not nearly as quickly, but then, the casts do contribute quite a bit of weight. When we pick Namine up, we still do so with one arm underneath her legs for support. But when we change her, she will lift up both legs so we can swap the diaper (and all of that goodness).


  1. Sending good thoughts for tomorrow’s cast replacement…her foot looks good, rotation achieved, color improved, smell goes away, less pain than anticipated, short hospital stay.

    My left foot was casted for 6 weeks when I was 2 years old. I have no memory of it, but I know all the stories from my Mom.

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