Foot surgery today: stoma closed!

Procedure one of two, the closure and suturing of Namine’s tracheostoma stoma, is complete. Now, onto the orthopedic procedure, fixing her club feet.

One of our main worries for today was that this would be her first operation without the trach, and that means intubation. Now, her airway has enough room – so say plenty of her doctors – but she still has a smaller airway than that of a normal child. So naturally her doctors were “cautiously optimistic,” as the saying goes.

We needn’t have worried. Namine’s ENT doctor told us that the intubation went fine, and her airway is plenty sufficient for being trachless. As for the closing of the stoma, that also went well.

What I’m about to say next may upset the squeamish, so skip over this if you are easily grossed out. (Mom, that means you probably don’t want to tell Dad.) Now, Namine’s skin is extremely sensitive, and according to her ENT doc, it’s not uncommon to remove some of the damaged skin, and that’s what they had to do in Namine’s case. Her doc said that there was still plenty of skin to pull and suture closed, and within a few days her skin should have closed itself all up. The stitches themselves should dissolve/be absorbed/disappear.

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  1. glad the stoma is closed. Glad she’s doing ok. Still praying.

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